Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

    About us – Filipino Jobs in Italy is a listing community where any Filipino can add and browse all types of jobs in Italy under one URL. If you are currently looking for new opportunities outside the Philippines, we can help you find your way to Italy.

    We are a team of overseas Filipino workers who have been working and residing in Italy for more than 10 years. The website’s role to assist you in learning about Italy, the land of dreams, and history. From its culture to what kinds of jobs are suitable for you, how a Filipino can get an Italy work permit, and more. Our Blog also tackles topics such as salary expectations, labor laws, and many other tips. We understand that job searching is not easy and we hope to make the process smoother for you.

    Our team screens all of our posts to make sure that we are only providing you with legitimate job leads. We carefully selected the job listings and include plenty of information to give you accurate details about the position. Here is a link to how it works.

    Meet the Filipino Jobs in Italy Team

    Mang Jose

    Team Leader Tambay sa Facebook. He is also in-charge of our social media activities and answers questions from our kababayans.

    Aling Lydia

    Listing Manager searches, creates and screens job leads for our website visitors. Expert in detecting scams, drop us an email if you want to report one.

    Chef Mario

    Italian Blogger contributes blog articles about Italy’s foods, art and culture. He also does consultations and cook for us on the side.

    Ate IT Girl

    Website Admin built and updates the website, pretty na, smart pa!